5 easy steps to mindfulness

This week we are focusing on wellbeing and self-care.

The world we live in is fast paced, and it is easy to rush through life without stopping to notice what’s going on around us. Research has shown that this ‘always on’ culture could raise stress levels and cause long term harm on an individual’s physical and mental health.

Mindfulness involves noticing, and being curious about what is happening right now. Paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you can improve your mental wellbeing.

When we are mindful we are engaging our senses deliberately. Mindfulness is a skill that helps keep our minds healthy. It helps us perform at our best and better navigate the up’s and downs of life.

One way of practicing mindfulness is through meditation. Read today’s spotlight for 5 easy steps to mindfulness for meditation beginners. These can be done anywhere and adapted to suit you.

Read 5 Easy Steps to Mindfulness for Meditation Beginners

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Can you think of an everyday activity you could turn into a mindfulness practice? How about a mindful coffee break? Can you savour the taste of the drink, the feel of the cup in your hands, the smell of the coffee? How does concentrating on these details make you feel?

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