SEA & AVPN partner to boost youth social entrepreneurship across Asia

This week, the Social Enterprise Academy (SEA) is teaming up with the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) to help catalyse the next generation of social entrepreneurs across Asia.

As an Impact Partner at the 2022 AVPN Global Conference in Bali, Indonesia, SEA delivered an interactive session on how countries across Asia can harness the potential of their young people to boost their creative economies and generate community impact.

“Light a Spark, Make a Change: Skills for the Next Generation of Social Entrepreneurs” explored ways to prepare young people for life after school in an ever-changing world. It also looked at how social enterprise can be used as a practical way for young people to develop skills in key areas, such as; creativity, financial literacy and leadership.

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Social Enterprise Schools, created in partnership with The Scottish Government in 2007, enables young people to step up, realise their potential, and create the change they want to see in the world. Through giving young people a real-life experience of running their own social enterprise, this programme delivers transformational learning which impacts young people, their school and their community.

The Social Enterprise Schools programme has so far engaged over 55,000 young people across seven countries, with the most recent pilot (and the first in Asia) taking place earlier this year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in partnership with The Financial Industry Collective Outreach (FINCO).  

This also comes as young people taking part in Social Enterprise Schools in Australia are preparing to lead a session at the 2022 Social Enterprise World Forum in Brisbane. They will share their experiences as social entrepreneurs as well as explore the importance of developing a culture of entrepreneurship in schools, embedding it into the curriculum, and the wider community benefits.

Naina Batra, CEO of AVPN said:

Speechmarks Plum At AVPN, we are delighted to work with Social Enterprise Academy to create opportunities for young people to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills to help them unlock their potential.

Over half of the world’s youth live in Asia and many of them face enormous challenges in terms of employment opportunities, poverty, and lack of education. This program empowers young people to take charge of the future and gives them the skills to build better economic outcomes for themselves and their communities.”

Jakira Khanam, Regional Director –  Asia at the Social Enterprise Academy, said:

Speechmarks Plum We believe that social entrepreneurs play an essential role in changing the world. We want to empower young people to develop key skills and mind-sets in areas such as social entrepreneurship, creativity and financial literacy.

Asia-Pacific is home to approximately 55% of the world’s youth population. Through the Asian Decade of social investment, we can maximise the potential of youth entrepreneurship across Asia to create community impact, meaningful employment and a more sustainable future for all.”

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