Dealing With Difficult Situations

This week we are re-visiting the topic of confidence.

It can sometimes be challenging to stay confident in yourself, especially when we meet other people that come across as particularly direct or very confident.

Just because you don’t feel as confident as they appear, it doesn’t mean that communication with them can’t be equal. In both our work and personal life it is important that we are able to successfully and confidently communicate in any difficult situation. So what can we actually do to make sure that we show up as our best self and turn a potentially difficult situation into a positive experience?

Today’s spotlight will cover some hints and tips on how to prepare for and how to manage communications with someone who is very confident. Have a read of the article to find out more. 

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Can you recall a time when you were communicating with someone who was very confident, and how did it make you feel? You might even have a conversation coming up where you can put some of this learning into practice. Take a moment to think about how you can use these hints and tips – either in your work or personal life.

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