Developing a plan for continuous learning

The spotlight is taking a break for now – but that doesn’t mean your learning should stop.

With the ongoing uncertainty in the world, whether you are currently working from home or not, it has never been more important that we are able to adapt in our roles, finding new ways of working and learning new skills. So how can we make sure that we really capture the learning opportunities that we do have every day?

This week we explore the different ways we can continue to learn. It’s easy to assume that learning only happens through more formal learning initiatives – but as it turns out, and maybe not surprisingly, most of our learning happens on the job. The 70-20-10 model for Learning and Development aims to describe how learning actually happens in our organisations. It suggests that only approximately 10% of learning happens in formal training such as programmes and courses and that approximately 90% of learning happens either through the work itself or through interactions with others.  

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With this in mind, take a moment to think about your own development in your current role. What different ways of learning do you have that are available to you?

Use the table below to start forming your Personal Development Plan. Think about areas where you want to be developing your skills, knowledge or experience. Then try to identify variety of learning opportunities that will support this. Put down everything you can think of – even if it’s not something that your organisation has offered as a learning opportunity previously. Once you have all your ideas notes down in the table – decide what actions you will take forward first.

Why don’t you Identify 3 things that you can do this week to start the learning process?

 Download the table

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