Diversity without inclusivity?

Here in the final week of Global Diversity Awareness Month we thought we should take a moment to explore the concept further. Many leaders today are well aware of the positive impact that a diverse workforce can have and the importance of diversity and inclusivity when building our teams and bringing people into or organisations.

However, it is not enough that we bring in diversity of both thought and background to our organisations, if we as leaders do not manage this diversity for inclusion.

Frances Frey is a Professor of Technology and Operations Management at Harvard Business School researching the role of strategy, operations and culture, in creating conditions for organisations and individuals to thrive. Have a look at this short video clip where she discusses the difference between unmanaged diverse teams and inclusive diverse teams.

Frances Frei: Leadership in Diversity from WSB on Vimeo.

Icons in teal circles 03

What could you as a leader or a team member do to make sure to fully utilise the potential that is in your team?

Are you conscious of what you are doing to be inclusive as a leader?

What could you do to encourage the team to support and value each other’s differences?

This week you might want to free up some time for you and your team to discuss how you are actively working to get the best out of the different strengths across your team.

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