How To Boost Your Self-Motivation

Do you ever have days when you are really struggling to stay motivated?

In these times of constant change and uncertainty – many of us are certainly feeling the pressure. Often, when we feel pressured or without control, it can be hard to stay motivated to keep going.  Sure – everyone can have an off-day, but what happens when over time our daily motivation begins to spiral?

Watch the short video below to see how you can start creating new habits that help you avoid getting stuck in a downward motivation spiral.

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Think about any specific tasks or projects that you are struggling to find motivation for at the moment and take some time to reflect on the following:

  • How does it link to your personal values – your WHY? In what ways does the job itself relate to your own strengths and personal believes? What can you learn from it and how will it benefit the people around you. Most importantly, if you are struggling find a link between the task and your personal WHY – what would have to change so that you would find the task more rewarding and relatable in itself?
  • How are you giving your undivided attention to the task? What can you do to allow yourself to really focus on the one task? First of all, block out some time in your diary but also think about 5 things that you can put in place to minimise distractions during that time.
  • Are you making yourself accountable? When working from home in particular, it can be tricky to hold yourself accountable to complete your tasks to time and high standard. You might want to find someone in your organisation who can help you and hold you to account. It does not have to be your supervisor – try to think about anyone who might be have an interest in the task or someone who could learn from you. Make sure to set a time and day when you will debrief and share the outcomes of your project with them. While you are at it – why don’t you take some time share your own key learnings from the task to help your own reflection.