How to break a bad habit

This week we are talking about habits. On Tuesday we covered a simple strategy to help you form new habits.

Habit formation is the process by which new behaviours become automatic, for example when someone who instinctively reaches for a cigarette after waking up. Old habits can be difficult to break because the behavioural patterns we repeat most often are etched into our neural pathways. The good news is that, through repetition, it's possible to form—and maintain—new habits. And even long-time habits that are detrimental to one’s health and well-being can be shaken with enough determination and a smart approach.

Today, we will be covering tips for removing bad habits, and more specifically how we can replace these with good ones. In the article the author suggests 7 different ideas for breaking a bad habit. 

Read the article for tips on breaking bad habits

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Can you think of a habit you would like to change? It might be something that you have tried to stop in the past but not quite managed. How could you use the 7 ideas in the article to make a positive change? Try to really think about what each idea would look like for the habit that you are trying to break. Why don’t you take some time to write down your first steps today to get you started?

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