How to tell a great story

A few weeks ago we focused on communication and how to have better conversations. This week, we are focusing on a key communication tool – storytelling.

From time to time we all find ourselves in situations where we need to engage people in one way or the other. It might be when trying to get buy-in for a new idea or even when trying to inspire a group of colleagues to work towards a shared vision.

Storytelling one of our most powerful communication tools to help us influence, build trust, teach, and inspire others. Not only is it an effective way to help us get our message across – it’s also incredibly effective to create connections between people and ideas.

This article introduces a few simple steps to guide you as you are building in storytelling in your communication. As mentioned in the article, practice makes perfect. 

Read the article for tips on how to use storytelling to your benefit

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Take some time today to think about how you can use storytelling in your interactions with others – even if it’s only for 3 minutes at a time.

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