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Our ethos is to be responsive to local communities and their needs.

We co-design and pilot each hub with a local partner, adapting the Academy model to suit the local context and collaborating with existing support infrastructure.

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SEA Australia

Operated in Australia by ACRE.

ACRE focus on supporting an entrepreneurial culture and showing how social enterprise can rejuvenate rural communities.

Find out more about ACRE


Visit SEA Australia website

SEA China

Operated in China by CBAC.

CBAC focus on creating strong, cross-cutting networks as well as training and in-depth support to social impact organisations and have reached over 30,000 beneficiaries since 2005.

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Visit SEA China website

SEA Canada

Operated in Canada by The Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet).

CCEDNet is committed to strengthening communities by creating economic opportunities that enhance social and environmental conditions. 

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Visit SEA Canada Website

SEA Egypt

Operated in Egypt by eSeven. 

eSeven exist to give Egyptian citizens, of all ages, diverse and equal opportunities to reach their full potential through educating and empowering Egyptians. 

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Visit SEA Egypt website

SEA India

Operated in India by MITRA.

MITRA enables people to bring skills and expertise to the rural and social development sector in India through volunteers and paid professionals.

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Visit SEA India website

SEA Malaysia

Operated in Malaysia by NEOONE

NEOONE provides bespoke training and coaching to unleash their learners' potential and support a positive, empowered community.

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Visit SEA Malaysia website

SEA Pakistan

Operated by SEED Ventures (Social, Entrepreneurship and Equity Development).

SEED develop partnerships with the education, private, public and financial sectors to create solutions in policy reform, investment, entrepreneurial training, sustainable enterprise development and financial inclusion.

Find out more about SEED

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Visit SEA Pakistan website

SEA Scotland

SEA Scotland has two hubs, Inverness and Edinburgh.

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Visit SEA Scotland website

SEA South Africa

Imani Development supports SEA South Africa

Imani facilitates the process of economic growth and poverty reduction in the developing world, advising policymakers, governments, development agencies, regional and international organisations and the private sector.

Find out more about Imani


Visit SEA South Africa website

SEA Rwanda

Operated in Rwanda by Acts of Gratitude.

AOG supports volunteers to take up opportunities with a long term goal of educating and empowering future leader and entrepreneurs of Rwanda

Find out more about Acts of Gratitude


Visit SEA Rwanda website

SEA Wales

Operated in Wales by Creating Enterprise.

Creating Enterprise gives unemployed Cartrefi Conwy tenants opportunities for paid work with on-the-job training, employment support and qualifications. We also offer volunteering opportunities and job search support to help tenants find work.

Find out more about Creating Enterprise

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Visit SEA Wales website

SEA Zambia

Operated in Zambia by Bongo Hive.

As Lusaka’s innovation and technology hub, Bongo Hive are catalysing the growth of Zambia’s startup and tech communities

Find out more about Bongo Hive

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Visit SEA Zambia website

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