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Inclusive Islands is a collaborative project which is boosting the scale and resilience of Indonesia’s impact support ecosystem, uniting creative social enterprise experience from the island communities of Scotland and Indonesia - the world’s largest island archipelago.

Key stats


Social enterprise development

45% of learners reported a move forward in their stage of development, including 10% now at scaling stage, as a result of the programme. Following a needs assessment, one learner expanded her service range to include computer courses to support local young people, while developing a new income stream by creating and selling crafts made from local recycled materials.


Strengthening communities through sharing learning

75% of learners explained that they have changed how they see themselves and others as a direct result of Inclusive Islands. As well as sharing programme learning with those in their own organisations, learners have actively shared their learning with their local communities through community forums, mentoring, coaching, and community workshops. By sharing his learning, one learner said local enterprises have improved their business skills and are now more financially sustainable.


Supporting the SDGs through learning and development