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Nicola Hanssen | ROAR

Nicola Hanssen | ROAR

Nicola was new to the charity and as General Manager she faced big challenges around cash flow and staffing.

"I thought I would go along and learn information and study it. But it's not like that. There is so much time spent on sharing and we supported each other to learn. We were on the same level. You don't get that experience often in life."

"I pushed myself out of my default position of how I perceived and dealt with problems, particularly on a tricky issue I was facing. I don't think I could have dealt with this without the time and space I had on this course. It's a privilege to be nurtured in that way."

Niall Urquhart | Stramash

Niall Urquhart | Stramash

Niall was managing a project for young people in Argyll but funding was running out.

Attending a leadership programme helped him develop the confidence to turn the project into a social enterprise, where he is now Chief Executive.

He continued learning as his organisation developed – attending social impact, finance, procurement and further leadership programmes.

"Academy programmes have always been there to support my development as a leader, dipping in and out just at the right time."

Sylvia Douglas | MsMissMrs

Sylvia Douglas | MsMissMrs

As founder of a social enterprise empowering young women Sylvia needed to let go to help it develop and grow.

"I wasn't sure if I was a leader. It's the first time I have been a boss and this course was a way for me to think about how to include my team in the vision."

"One of my biggest challenges was the business side of the enterprise and especially getting paid. We looked at different ways I could approach this - it all comes back to my vision and confidence. I also discovered that I couldn't be all things to all people!"

Andy Ross

Andy Ross

Andy attended a leadership programme for young people in a low-employment rural area.

"I have ADHD and nothing was helping me deal with it. But this programme helped me see myself and my relationships differently. Now I see goals and what I need to do to complete them!"

"Before, I felt really depressed and was never motivated. But this programme has made me much happier in myself and it makes me feel in control of my own life. In that sense, it wasn't a programme that changed me it was a programme that made me want to change."

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