Coaching Programme to Empower Third Sector Leaders in Northern Ireland

This programme supports leaders to build their coaching approach so they can help to develop talent and create an empowering environment within third sector organisations across Northern Ireland.

The programme is a collaboration between CO3 in Northern Ireland, and the Social Enterprise Academy with delivery in September - November 2021. It will support a cohort of around 15 third sector organisations. The programme is virtual, and will take place across three monthly online modules, with space outside of the live sessions for coaching circles to take place between the learners.

Learners will build the knowledge, skills and mind-set required to engage and develop people so they can thrive and grow professionally. They will get the chance to practice adopting a coaching approach to delegation, crucial conversations and team meetings. This will lead to an increase in an understanding of the link between how we think and our personal resilience.The programme will include the development of peer coaching groups to offer support and practise their coaching techniques on one another as part of the programme.

By the end of the programme, learners will become more self-aware and confident in adopting a coaching approach so they can support and develop themselves and others. It will also build a community of leaders that can support and sustain each other moving forward. 

Jess Kemp, International Projects Manager at the Social Enterprise Academy said:

"We are thrilled to be working in collaboration with CO3 on this new ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring programme, having partnered with CO3 for the last six years on leadership-focused programmes. This programme will support the group to learn and grow together, so we are delighted to enable this community of established leaders."

The programme is open to CO3 members and beyond, and is for leaders who want to develop a coaching approach. The application deadline is now closed. 

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