Explore how to apply a coaching approach to your day to day role and leadership.

Ideal for people wanting to develop a coaching culture in their team or organisation. 

Developing skills for a coaching approachApplying tools for a coaching approachImplementing a coaching approach
  • What is coaching
  • Coaching in your organisation
  • Listening and paraphrasing
  • Powerful Questions
  • Adult to Adult conversations
  • Building Coaching Culture   
  • Core mind-set for coaching
  • The GROW model of coaching
  • Applying the GROW model in your organisation
  • Our feedback culture and mind-set
  • Coaching practice
  • Next Steps and Action planning

Action Learning is a process to help individuals or groups explore an important, sometimes difficult, issue and view it from different perspectives and thinking in order to progress it. 

This programme equips learners with understanding and experience of Action Learning and ideas for using and embedding it in an organisation or meetings.


Introducing Action Learning

Practicing Action Learning

  • Principles
  • Experiential learning
  • Action learning sets
  • Active listening
  • Reflective practice
  • Effective questioning
  • Action learning set facilitation
  • Practice

Explore coaching models and build your skills.

A highly interactive and participative programme with the opportunity to practice the coaching approach


Introduction & Overview

Coaching in Practice

Workshops: Using Coaching

  • About coaching
  • Coaching mindset
  • Listening and questioning
  • GROW model
  • Coaching practice
  • Coaching and leadership
  • Using GROW and other coaching models
  • In difficult conversations
  • In team meetings and team development
  • In support and supervision
  • For problem-solving and creative thinking
  • In appraisals

A practical experience and insight into the theory, tools and techniques of facilitating learning between peers.

It builds on previous experience and encourages ongoing reflective practice to continue personal development.


Introducing FacilitationFacilitation ToolsPeer learning techniques and design
  • What is facilitation for learning?
  • Non-directive approach
  • Key skills
  • Setting Personal Goals
  • Communication skills for facilitation
  • Group dynamics
  • Applying the learning
  • Designing learning
  • Feedback and evaluating
  • Test and review

Gain confidence in stepping up to the leadership challenge of managing successful courageous conversations. 

Develop techniques to deal with differences of opinion or conflict, and engage effectively in dialogue with others.

Our Role in Courageous Conversations

Preparing for the Courageous Conversation

  • The challenges
  • Our responses
  • When to have a Courageous Conversation
  • Other approaches
  • Mindsets for Courageous Conversations
  • Setting up the right environment
  • Observations and reflections