4 TED talks to help you reconnect with information

The world is sharing information like never before - each day we take in 5 times more information than 20 years ago.

It means we’re constantly filtering, choosing what to listen to and managing what we gather. As a result, we decided to look into how ‘conscious information use’ enables us to have more personal and social impact.
The talks below discuss 4 ways that you can re-connect with information in a more conscious way. Exploring themes such as active listening, reflection and productive conversations - some of the key tools used on Academy programmes that can help you create change.

1) Change the intention of your conversations

‘We’ve all had really great conversations. The kind where you walk away feeling engaged, inspired and perfectly understood. There’s no reason why all your conversations can’t be like that.’

Celeste Headlee shares how being a better listener and conversationalist can result in improved knowledge, understanding and relationships.


2) Think about what you put in your brain

‘If information was food, what would you do differently?’

From honest labelling to getting a healthy balanced diet, JP Rangaswami looks at why we should consider our relationship with information like our relationship with food. 


3) Step outside of your 'filter bubble'

‘We’re more global. Our economics and our problems are more global by scale, but our media is becoming less global by the day.’

Ethan Zuckerman explores why in the digital age, full of opportunity to connect with others, we opt to connect with individuals most similar to ourselves.


4) Re-wire your brain to deal with 'working memory overload'

‘Quiet time and time for reflection is the most human aspect we have. Some of the greatest minds in our history needed quiet time away from the noise.’

By taking a digital detox, Darren McNelis shares how he improved his ability to process information and improve clarity in his thoughts.

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