Courageous Conversations for Women in the Highlands

Making a difference in civil society can seem like climbing a mountain. It takes forward planning, a bit of courage and there are new skills to be developed. But the reward of achieving some real change in the place you live, no matter how small, is always worth the commitment.

We’re supporting WEA’s Women in the Highlands project, who are enabling their members in the Inverness area to get involved in their own communities. Our three-day Courageous Conversations programme develops the skills and confidence to have those really difficult and sometimes uncomfortable conversations, which too often we avoid altogether, usually to our detriment.

“They are a really great group of women”, said Academy facilitator Karen Derrick “There were some good in-depth discussions in the group, and we did some ‘real’ practice of courageous conversations which folk seemed to find helpful”.

The Courageous Conversations programme was inspired by the empowerment of women in rural areas, to become actively involved in civil society. To make a difference to the things that are important to them in their lives.

“These are more than just difficult conversations”, said North of Scotland Manager David Bryan. “They require an inner strength which only comes through practising them in safe and supportive situations. We know the social impact of this programme will be second to none.”



The Women in the Highlands (WITH) project will lay the foundations for four self-governing and sustainable women's groups in the Highlands. You can find out more at and follow them @WEAScotland on Twitter.

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