South Africa | Impact Makers & Creators

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Impact Makers and Creators supports ideation-and-growth-stage social and creative entrepreneurs in Cape Town and Johannesburg, enabling them to build their social and creative businesses, make their impact sustainable and reach wider communities and beneficiaries through their work.

Key stats

  • 120 creative social entrepreneurs
  • 2 cities
  • 8 days of learning
  • 3 one-to-one mentorship sessions


Enabling social enterprise growth

100% of learners stated that they had improved how they do things as a result of the programme. One learner shared that they have created multiple new partnerships using the new approach to selling learned during the programme, while another learner stated they now have a better rollout strategy for international growth as they develop new markets.


Unlocking team and organisation potential

84% of learners now feel confident in being able to run and develop their social enterprise, with one learner explaining the leadership skills learned will be used to unlock the potential of the young individuals in their local area who are starting their career journeys. Another learner stated that “I now know that growth comes with being open to change in an organisation”.


Supporting the SDGs through learning and development

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