The Evolution of Time Management

How are you prioritising your time?

In this learning spotlight, we are going to discuss a method for helping us manage our time. We'll explore research by Stephen Covey, the author of ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’.

Covey discusses how time management has gone through four stages, identifying, planning, prioritising and focusing on important tasks. He argues that people who reach the fourth stage of time management, focusing on important, not urgent tasks prioritise the importance of relationships allocating time to nurture and develop them with important people in their lives.

Have a read of this spotlight to find out more about how we can establish which tasks are important and urgent as well as how you can build in activities that benefit your personal and professional relationships and work-life balance.  


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Most of us keep a to-do list in one way or the other, but do we actually take the time to think about how we prioritise? Download Covey’s time management matrix and use your current to-do lists to populate the matrix with all your ongoing activities and responsibilities.

 Download Stephen Covey's Time Management Matrix

The article also highlights the importance of building relationships – both professionally and personally. Take some time this week to write your personal mission statement and think about long and short term actions that will help you support your statement. Once you have your action makes sure to add them to your time management matrix - giving you a clear overview of your urgent/non-urgent and important/not important tasks.

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