The Impact of a Leader's Mood

As we are getting further into autumn and as the days are getting both colder and shorter, many of us are also starting to notice changes in our mood - maybe even on a daily basis.

While it is important to recognise that it is absolutely to normal to feel this way, whether we are in a more formal leadership position or not, we also need to recognise that the way we show up at work every day has got a direct impact or the people around us.

Evidence suggests that a leaders mood can actually have a direct impact on an organisations performance. In this Learning Spotlight, we explore how our negative moods affect both ourselves and the people around us – and five stages that can help you manage your mood effectively.  

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Have you noticed any changes in your mood in recent weeks?

You might already have some strategies in place to help you notice and manage your mood. Take a moment to think about how you could be using the steps in the article to help you manage your mood even more effectively.

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