The Story of Sarah

This week we are focusing on emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence, sometimes referred to as EQ concerns social as well as personal awareness - in particular the ability to understand and manage oneself and one’s relationships with other people. In 1955 Daniel Goleman published a book on emotional intelligence, in which he described it as the ‘ability to recognise and regulate emotions in ourselves and others’.

Our levels of Emotional Intelligence may become particularly apparent in situations where we receive feedback from others. In today’s spotlight, the video discusses our basic reactions to critical feedback. Watch the spotlight to learn more about that SARAH model - five stages that we all go through to some extent when we receive critical feedback.


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How well do you handle critical feedback? Do you recognise your own emotional reactions to criticism in the SARAH model? What would make it easier for you to accept useful feedback and ask for help?

Also, think about times when you will be giving feedback to others. What can you do to help others to move thought the SARAH stages?

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