Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI)

Ahad Nazir


Ahad Nazir is a Mechanical Engineer who graduated from the National University of Sciences & Technology, Pakistan. He is an internationally acknowledged and certified project management and supply chain management professional.

With a career spanning over 9 years working on engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of various international pump stations, wind power plants, seismic facility, educational departments, Nazir is currently involved in research and project management consultancy at Sustainable Development Policy Institute, teaching management courses at various universities and running an educational social enterprise with focus on skill development of fresh university graduates enabling them to become fit for purpose for jobs and entrepreneurial ventures.

Ahad Nazir is also part of the leadership team formulated by SDPI for design, research and advocacy. He is also an advisor to the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms in Pakistan. Additionally, he has been part of several initiatives led by British Council during the last 2 years on formulating the social enterprise landscape of Pakistan.