Ayeshah Khan

Southern Scotland

Ayeshah has worked in the third sector since 2002. She was a participant on one of the Academy's first-ever leadership programmes and became an Associate Learning Facilitator with Social Enterprise Academy in 2011. Ayeshah has a particular interest in social justice and equality issues and previous roles align with this values base.


From 2002 -2007 she worked with a North Lanarkshire charity which provided supported living to adults with learning disabilities to live as independently a life as possible and from 2008-2010, she worked with a Scotland wide charity set up to address the under-representation of BAME people in the housing/other related sectors by accessing training/employment opportunities. In 2012, she established her own Social Enterprise and charity, which offers residents living in North Lanarkshire access to affordable health and wellbeing provision, volunteering opportunities and employment opportunities. Its main focus is working with people who are marginalised. The charity has built up a solid reputation over the years as being one of the key health and wellbeing providers in North Lanarkshire, providing a service to many statutory and third sector partners.

In 2019, Ayeshah was listed in the 100 WISE list (Women In Social Enterprise) in the “Social Business Leader of the Year” Category.

In 2021, Ayeshah became the Chairperson for North Lanarkshire Community and Voluntary sector partnership group (CVSPG) and in this capacity, is now a board member with North Lanarkshire Partnership Strategic Leadership Board. Ayeshah is also the Chairperson of North Lanarkshire Social Enterprise Network (NLSEN) and a member of North Lanarkshire Council Social Enterprise strategy Framework group representing NLSEN.