Jay Lamb

Southern Scotland

Jay has over 28 years of experience in educational settings, initially working as an outdoor activity instructor, then Environmental Educator, Community Educator, Social Enterprise Advisor and Associate Tutor with the Academy. 

Jay plays a lead role in our Education programme and supports the Academy with a range of programmes across both leadership and entrepreneurship areas. A social entrepreneur, Jay co-founded Re-Union Canal Boats in Edinburgh in 2004.

His life has involved a pattern of: having a new experience, learning from that experience and then engaging others in learning about the subject it involved - be that juggling, sustainable building, canal life, or setting up and developing a social enterprise - the cycle has been the same, education is the constant he returns to.

This has seen him take on leadership roles, whilst engaged in learning environments, in numerous countries and cultures. He delivers in subjects as wide ranging as: building houses out of waste materials, teaching 5-year olds about the natural systems that govern our planet, supporting scared teachers through caving systems and over 100ft rock faces, coaching chief executives to recognise their strengths and key challenges, developing business plans with those new to business, and latterly enabling leaders engaged in social change to clarify their organisation's goals and maximise their chances of achieving them.

Whilst knowledgeable in his subject area, Jay's talent lies in an ability to empathise with learners and present subjects in an engaging and imaginative way. This is directly linked to learners' experience, which engenders a sense of exploration and curiosity that lasts well beyond the programme end.