Jones is a serial entrepreneur, a business coach, international development specialist, trainer and facilitator based in Lilongwe, Malawi.  He cofounded Empower Projects (Malawi), a social enterprise that focuses on supporting rural entrepreneurs to build self-reliant communities through access to finance, sustainable technologies and capacity building. Empower’s main area of work is energy access, financial access and cooperative development. Jones is also cofounding CEO of Zuwa Energy Limited, a solar tech startup specialised in pay as you go solar home systems for both on-grid and off-grid communities.

He is a SEED (UNDP+UNEP Program) certified trainer in social and environmental enterprise development and has been an in-country advisor and mentor for SEED Awards winners in Malawi since 2013. Jones uses proven methodologies like E-Myth, Masterminding, Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) and Human Centered Design to support his clients maximise their potential both as individuals and or institutions. He has done work for many local and international clients including Cherrie Blair Foundation for Women, Gracia Machel Trust Women Creating Wealth Program, Seagal Family Foundation, Peacock Seeds, mHub, Lilongwe Pitch Night, Nthalo (The Good Food Place) and SEED among others.

Jones initially worked in the forestry export manufacturing industry as a production supervisor. However, he was eager to switch into the world of business and social entrepreneurship for which he felt more inclined. The idea of starting his own business became more evident with time. He quit the job and started pursuing opportunities, founding 3 successful ventures along the way. Jones is an avid writer, an online blogger and tech savvy. He tweets via @realjonz.