Neil Thomas

Southern Scotland

Neil is trained as an Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor (Postgraduate Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring). He has coached a range of leaders across a major UK corporate, start up and third sector organisations. Neil is familiar with a number of coaching and mentoring models but utilises the CLEAR Model (Hawkins and Smith) in his current work. Neil is also influenced by the mentoring model developed by Bob Garvey (Sheffield Hallam University). Neil has worked on a range of issues including career development and transitions, developing strategic thinking, increasing personal impact and internal profile as well as stakeholder relationships.

Neil is passionate about helping people to maximize their personal capabilities and making pro-active career choices. Having recently left corporate life, he is curious and energized by the opportunity for a new career working in a variety of settings and situations. Neil has strong analytical skills which within the context of coaching allows him to be effective at leveraging coaching models for effective outcomes. He has a talent for retaining facts and information providing a strong structure for working with clients.