Associate Facilitator

Sam Baumber

Southern Scotland

Co-founder of seven social/impact enterprises over 21 years, Sam’s experience ranges from environmental conservation and outdoor learning to forced migration and refugee support, community asset development, to theatre and film. He is currently experimenting with new ventures in the circular bio-economy: IndiNature – 100% bio-based, net zero carbon sustainable building materials, and Backstory - back pain relief and prevention products made from upcycled materials. 

With a blend of community development, environmental education and ethnographic research backgrounds, Sam was one of the first Associates recruited to facilitate learning programmes in leadership, entrepreneurship, social impact and personal development with the Academy in 2004, and joined the staff team in 2010.

Former Managing Director of SEA International CIC, from 2012-2019, Sam led the start-up phase of international replication of the Social Enterprise Academy. Ensuring smooth succession, he handed on the leadership of SEA International in 2019, creating space for fresh energy and new skill sets for the next stage of replication. Stepping into an associate role focused on international facilitation and business support, Sam remains on the SEA team and is keen to innovate financial models to make learning available and affordable for courageous people stepping up to change the world. 

He is a British Council Social Enterprise Ambassador, and member of the British Council Social Enterprise Advisory Board for South East Asia.

Sam loves spending time with his daughters, exploring the world’s nature, cultures, live music and art, with serendipity and spontaneity as guides.