SEED Ventures

Shaista Ayesha


Shaista Ayesha is the Head of Content at SEED Ventures and stands apart from her peers because of her apt knowledge of marketing, entrepreneurship and CSR as well as her ability to deliver crisp and precise written content.

She has also been Research Advisor for several research projects and thesis for students at SZABIST on a broad range of subjects. Her background in Banking and strong inclination towards research and writing provide her with a strong and diverse portfolio. 

She has conducted research and has written reports on social entrepreneurship, innovation, rural empowerment and strategy development. Her vast exposure to SME sector and researches based on different aspects of SMEs in Pakistan has added to her comprehension of improving entrepreneurial scenarios at different levels.

Shaista is the author of the biography 'Midlife and Naked' of two Pakistani entrepreneurs. She is currently leading and managing FK Squared - a SEED and Funverks publishing house. She has developed several training programmes where she conducts trainings/sessions as part of Education and Literacy Drive, a programme designed especially for underprivileged areas.