Understanding Beliefs and Bias in Decision Making

This week we are talking about decision making. The previous Spotlight covered steps you can take before you make a big decision to help guide you. Today, we will be exploring how beliefs and biases can influence our decision making.

A good decision depends on a sound understanding of the decision to be made, reliable and relevant data and information, and objectivity. The decision-making process really helps with each of these factors, making it easier to manage a wealth of information and perspectives without being swayed by assumptions and biased opinions. However, despite our best efforts our beliefs and our biases can consciously or subconsciously guide us and influence us when making decisions.

Check out today’s learning spotlight to read more about how they can help and hinder us in our daily lives.

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Can you recall a time when one of these biases interfered with your own decision making process?

What impact do you think these biases could have on your decision making?

How can you ensure that you minimise the influence of biases and beliefs on your decision making process?

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