Building Enterprising Boards

This is a unique opportunity as a Board, to focus on how you move from good to great, supported by a facilitator with vast personal board experience.  It is an opportunity to explore and progress the issues that you feel will help to strengthen you as a Board and help your organisation to be sustainable. Whether it is challenges you are currently facing as a Board or opportunities that you would like to pursue, this is a chance to commit to working together on your future.




Starting January 2020






Louise Ross



0300 302 3333


Fully funded

The programme is flexible and will be driven by your individual needs and circumstances. It aims to fit in with your own capacity and the facilitator is available to meet during the day or early evenings. Together with the senior leader in your organisation and the facilitator, you will set the agenda and focus for the support programme. You will have 10  hours to use over a number of months in whatever way you feel will be most beneficial. For example, following the first meeting, you may want another 3 hours together as a Board and then a few one to one phone calls with some further time all together. The only requirement is that your first meeting with the facilitator will need to take place in January 2020 and consist of all Board members and the senior staff member.  


"The single most important determinant of the success of any organisation is the quality of its leadership.” Scottish Government’s Social Enterprise Strategy.


What sort of Boards would benefit from the programme?

Boards that would like to focus on some or all of these areas:

  • Being more strategic and working more effectively with senior staff in the organisation
  • Learning more about each other’s leadership style and how to get the best from each other
  • Enhancing the way you communicate and work together ensuring more effective discussions and decisions
  • Exploring how you become more enterprising as an organisation while staying on mission and purpose
  • Looking at the long-term strategy so you can help build greater organisational sustainability and impact
  • Succession planning or expanding your Board


Who is it for?

The programme is aimed at Boards who are prepared to pause and reflect on your role as leaders and how you work together. It aims to help you gain greater personal and collective insight, different perspectives and new approaches to building a sustainable longer term future for the organisation you help to lead.     


Application Details

  • There is a short application to complete if you are interested in taking part in the programme
  • Before applying you will need the full support of all Board members and your organisation’s senior leader who will be part of the development support
  • As part of the application process, you will need to identify some areas you would like to focus on and explain how the support will benefit your organisation

Application Deadline: 18 December

Application Response: 20 December


Please view the PDF for more information.