Certificate in Action Learning

This programme will develop your tools, skills and confidence to use action learning sets in your own environment, and also to support others as a facilitator.


Kuala Lumpur


Past Programme


9am - 5pm


3 days

Many of us face challenges in our work and communities and often there are no easy answers. Action Learning Sets are a valuable and practical tool to help you find new solutions, support and ideas specific to your situation.


During this programme you will:

  • Develop your skills in action learning sets
  • Apply action learning theory and techniques to real life challenges
  • Build your experience of active listening, effective questioning and co-coaching


Programme Overview

This programme builds a structured and safe approach that encourages openness and effective peer learning within a ‘high support, high challenge’ environment.  You will actively reflect on the experiences of being an issue holder, a set member and a set facilitator.

The model, purpose and background to action learning sets
Skills Development Session
Continually developing your listening, questioning, co-coaching and reflective practice tools and abilities
Action Learning Sets
Applying, reflecting on and developing your skills


Your Facilitators

Jay Lamb has over 28 years of experience in educational settings, initially working as an outdoor activity instructor, then Environmental Educator, Community Educator, Social Enterprise Advisor and Tutor with the Academy. A social entrepreneur, Jay co-founded Re-Union Canal Boats in 2004.

Juara Baharuddin is a co-founder of neOOne Associates Sdn Bhd, a human potential solutions provider. His experience in implementing a coaching culture in organisations includes work with Lafarge Cement, Dutch Lady, SME Bank, Bank Rakyat, BSN, MBO, Selangor Tither Agency and MNSP.


Social Enterprise Academy 

The Social Enterprise Academy was established in 2004 to further the emerging concept of social enterprise through training and personal development. It operates a network of Hubs and local Tutors in multiple countries including Australia, South Africa and Pakistan.



Neoone provides creative highly customised training and coaching solutions. Their mission is to provide the highest quality learning and development for social enterprise in Malaysia.