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Excelling in Leadership

This unique programme offers you a safe and strategic space to explore how to manage the current and anticipated challenges as we step forward.




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9am - 4pm


6 days

Underpinned by the key principals of CO3’s Framework for Leadership Excellence, this intensive residential programme will explore leadership theories and how they can be applied to live issues through action learning and the adoption of new practices.

  • Strengthen your leadership resilience
  • Strengthen your leadership resilience
  • Recharge your thinking
  • Learn from fellow Chief Executives
  • Benefit from peer coaching and peer-led learning approach
  • Raise your emotional intelligence
  • Engage in a 360°reflection process


Our approach will encourage you to:

  • Learn from your actions and experiences
  • Take time to reflect on, question and challenge assumptions you make
  • Create mutual benefit from sharing your experiences in your group
  • Learn from the support and questioning of your peers and colleagues
  • Have the courage to try new ways of being and operating
  • Review with peers and colleagues the new insights and lessons you learn

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