Future Leaders for Creative Communities in Gaelic

This six-day programme will take you on a journey, beginning by exploring cultural identity and reflecting on how this shapes our creative activities. We will create a peer group of young creative leaders, who can support and stimulate each other on their enterprise journeys.

The aim is to build innovative and successful communities, at the heart of which are enterprises anchored by Gaelic language and culture.




Starting Spring 2020


10am - 4pm


6 days


Lorna Jamieson




01463 871219


Fully Funded

Stiùirichean an Ama Ri Teachd ann an Coimhearsnachdan Cruthachail

Culture is how we make sense of the world around us. When we engage in creative activities – music, art, writing, drama – this reflects our own culture. By understanding and celebrating our cultural identity, we can begin to use it as the basis for creative enterprises in our communities.


What will you get out of the programme?

  • Explore your own cultural identity and how this can be reflected in enterprise
  • Carry out business development planning, and pitch these plans to key stakeholders
  • Develop enterprise ideas, for community, enterprise or social enterprise, based on your cultural and language heritage
  • Adopt enterprising and growth mindsets


Programme Modules

Module 1 Understanding and celebrating cultural identity 
Module 2 Developing creative enterprises
Module 3 Leading creative enterprises



Young Gaelic speakers (age 16-30), who have an interest in utilising their language and culture to create an enterprising future for their communities.


Fully Funded

Fully funded by Bòrd na Gàidhlig and the Scottish Government. Available to learners at no cost.