Introducing Social Enterprise

This one-day programme will introduce you to the values and purpose of social enterprise, and its potential within our society.


Cape Town


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9am - 4pm


1 Day

Social enterprise is an emerging field which unleashes the passion and creativity of entrepreneurs allowing them to use management principles and dynamic business models to solve some of society’s toughest problems.


“I had a very limited understanding of the potential for charities to generate their own income. I didn’t understand what the boundaries were legally and how they could strive for sustainability. This has all changed for me and opened my eyes.”

 – Previous learner



During this programme you will:

  • Gain a general overview of social enterprise
  • Define the values and purpose of a social enterprise to better understand where it sits in relation to the corporate and non-profit sector
  • Examine the range of organisational and legal structures available to social enterprises
  • Explore the challenges of balancing economic demands with the achievements of social and/or environmental aims
  • Discuss real life examples of social enterprise



This programme is designed for individuals who are considering setting up a social enterprise, for NPOs who are considering transitioning from a donor-dependent model to income-generation, or those who would like to explore how their business benefits society.


About Social Enterprise Academy

The Social Enterprise Academy delivers learning and development programmes focused on leadership, entrepreneurship and social impact measurement for people working for social change.