Measuring Social Impact

This programme provides an overview of different frameworks to measure social impact, and an opportunity to explore how they could support your organisation’s mission.


Kuala Lumpur


Past Programme


9am - 5pm


1 day

If you and your organisation are creating social change then to be able to prove and demonstrate the extent of the impact you have is crucial.

It is designed for people who either are currently or potentially developing a social enterprises or social innovation project.


During this programme you will:

  • Explore the key concepts of measuring impact and the benefits of proving the value of your organisation and its projects

  • Compare and contrast different methodologies, tools and techniques

  • Discover recent developments and methodologies in measuring social impact

  • Identify a process and next steps that best fits with your organisation’s needs



Potential and start up social enterprises, as well as established organisations with an interest in connecting and building a strong social enterprise sector in Malaysia.


Your Facilitators

Jay Lamb has over 28 years of experience in educational settings, initially working as an outdoor activity instructor, then Environmental Educator, Community Educator, Social Enterprise Advisor and Tutor with the Academy. A social entrepreneur, Jay co-founded Re-Union Canal Boats in 2004.

Juara Baharuddin is a co-founder of neOOne Associates Sdn Bhd, a human potential solutions provider. His experience in implementing a coaching culture in organisations includes work with Lafarge Cement, Dutch Lady, SME Bank, Bank Rakyat, BSN, MBO, Selangor Tither Agency and MNSP.


Social Enterprise Academy

The Social Enterprise Academy was established in 2004 to further the emerging concept of social enterprise through training and personal development.
It operates a network of Hubs and local Tutors in multiple countries including Australia, South Africa and Pakistan.



Neoone provides creative highly customised training and coaching solutions.
Their mission is to provide the highest quality learning and development for social enterprise in Malaysia.