Self-Leadership for Active Citizens

Self-Leadership for Active Citizens is designed to identify your strengths and how they can be used in your role as an active leader in society. 


Cape Town


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9am - 4pm


3 days

This 3-day programme will take you on a personal journey of exploring how you can drive and lead social change.

The programme begins with a focus on self-leadership – further exploring the personal strengths and purpose of each participant. “Self-Leadership for Active Citizens” is aimed at building on the strengths of participants to be democratically engaged citizens. The programme supports learners to create a personal development plan focused on playing an active role in their communities.

Social Enterprise Academy recognises that nurturing these young leaders as active and socially conscious citizens will enable them to grow their positive contribution in the South African context.



This programme is for young leaders that would like to learn from others and raise their self-awareness and effectiveness as community leaders. This is especially relevant for leaders who wants to understand and explore the role they can play to drive change in their communities. 


During this programme you will:

• Identify different leadership styles and when to use which style.

• Identify your strengths and those of your peers to gain clarity on how they can be used in your roles as leaders.

• Develop the awareness and capacity to listen deeply.

• Develop the skills of influencing and critical conversations as tools to better communicate with others

• Exploring what Active Citizenship means to you

• Community Mapping to understand different perspectives on a current challenge

• Reflecting on possible future alternatives and what role I might want to play in creating this future

• Exploring personal purpose



Belinda Guillot and Siphelele Chirwa