Social Enterprise for Local Authorities

Social Enterprise for Local Authorities is a practical and engaging one day programme that will bring together staff and leaders from local authorities across North Wales to explore these issues.


Llandudno Junction


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10am - 4pm


1 day

Social enterprises are playing an increasing role in our communities. More and more local authorities are exploring the opportunities this can offer, but many are concerned the concept could present a threat to public services.

You will get the chance to understand in more depth what social enterprise is really about, discuss examples of when it’s really working and when it’s really not and consider practical ways in which your local authority could harness social enterprise to tackle some of its key challenges.


On this programme you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of social enterprise
  • Discuss real-life examples of the impact of social enterprise on local authorities
  • Consider if and when spin-outs could help secure under-threat services
  • Learn about some of the ways social enterprises are tackling challenges in our communities
  • Start to outline a strategy to help your local authority make the most of social enterprise



This programme is designed for senior staff in local authorities, particularly those with responsibility for services such as social care, leisure, or waste, for example.  It will also be of interest to staff who work with social enterprises as part of their role, and anyone interested in the potential of social enterprise to deliver social impact in the community.



Due to the support of the Rank Foundation we have been able to offer this programme at half the normal cost.

1. Ensure the set up and delivery of our learning programmes are fully inclusive and accessible, stress testing them through an anti-racism and discrimination lens

2. Ensure the content, theories and models used in our programmes reflect a wider range of culturally diverse global thinkers. 

3. Actively support the feature equity diversity and inclusion as a topic on our leadership programmes, supporting our facilitators to deliver this.

4. Ensure our recruitment and facilitator selection processes operate in a way that attracts and provides opportunities for more people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

5. Robustly monitor the demographics of our learners to ensure we are attracting learners that are more culturally representative of the communities we serve.

6. Provide ongoing support for staff and facilitators during our EDI journey, in particular to those who might come from diverse backgrounds. 

7. Support all facilitators, staff and board members with their ongoing learning and development around equity, diversity and inclusion. 

8. Engage with and learn from individuals and organisations locally and globally tackling systemic racism and injustice.

9. Share learning from the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion working group internally and with other organisations.

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