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Wide Horizons: An Entrepreneurship Programme

This 12 day programme, for Christel House graduates, will challenge you to test the feasibility of your ideas against a realistic assessment of the market and give you practice and feedback on presenting your business proposition.


Cape Town


Past Programme


10am - 4pm


12 days

This programme has been designed for Christel House graduates who are considering the first steps towards becoming an entrepreneur and starting their own business.

Wide Horizons will provide you with business start-up knowledge, tools and skills to develop and sustain your own enterprise. It will cover key areas of business development, which you can use to develop a business plan for your enterprise.


On the programme you will:

  • Explain the principles of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship
  • Balance an economic and social mission when making decisions
  • Develop product ideas based on design thinking principles
  • Undertake a market analysis in order to establish demand
  • Develop a marketing plan for their product or service
  • Effectively manage the finances for their enterprise
  • Explore the qualities of entrepreneurs
  • Assess the impact of a range of leadership styles
  • Develop an enterprise idea from conception to piloting



This programme is for graduates of Christel House South Africa.