‘Wouldn’t it Be Amazing’ thoughts and beliefs

This week in the spotlight we’re looking at ‘wouldn’t it be amazing’ thoughts.

When pursuing a WIBA thought we may come up against all manner of hurdles. However, these are an opportunity to dig deeper and examine the beliefs we hold that are perhaps limiting us. Our beliefs are based on our past experiences and contribute to our perception of the world, and a different set of beliefs could really change that. To enhance your abilities and possibilities, it is useful to check out what beliefs you might want to change. WIBA’s also bring opportunities to examine the skills and systems that we have in our personal or working lives, and an opportunity to upgrade, add or change those.

Today’s spotlight is a blog entry from Karen Darke which discusses these WIBA thoughts, and a few approaches that have helped her change unhelpful beliefs in her life. 

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Can you think of a situation when your own unhelpful beliefs held you back from something you wanted to pursue? What’s your WIBA? How could you apply some of the approaches mentioned to help you overcome unhelpful and negative beliefs?

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