Yvonne Strachan

Board Member

Former Head of Equality, Human Rights and Third Sector at Scottish Government

Social justice and equality have been powerful drivers in my life – motivating my personal ambitions and informing the choices I have made in my professional life. I graduated with a teaching qualification acquiring skills which have served me well throughout my career. However, I didn’t go into teaching but chose to work in positions actively seeking change - a different path to make a difference to people’s lives. I learnt much during this time, had tremendous opportunities to be involved in major national developments and acquired skills and experience which made possible a major career change to the civil service relatively late in life. 

I was excited to become a trustee of the Academy in early 2020 and to have the chance to work with an organisation that is supporting social enterprise and providing excellent learning and development opportunities in Scotland and internationally. The Academy’s work is a fundamental part of Scotland’s strong eco system of support for social enterprise and we need it to continue to flourish. I believe social enterprise has the potential to change lives and transform communities and it can contribute to a fairer society.  I have been a director of a social enterprise and in my role as Deputy Director in the Scottish Government I had overall responsibility for social enterprise. I really enjoyed that work and being a trustee of the Academy enables me to continue to contribute in a meaningful way - applying the skills and experience I have in pursuit of something of real worth and interest.