Distell Case Study: Non-Profit Sustainability Programme

Distell | Non-Profit Sustainability Programme


Africa’s leading producer of award-winning alcoholic brands Distell recognized that there was a need to build capacity and resilience amongst the social change organisations they supported, many of whom were beginning their journey towards a social enterprise model.

Distell’s CSI department took up the challenge to maximize the impact of their Non-Profit beneficiaries by investing in a Non-Profit Sustainability Programme.

They partnered with Social Enterprise Academy to offer learning programmes and mentorship in the areas of leadership, measuring social impact, and social enterprise to enable twelve non-profits to become more financially sustainable, whilst increasing their social impact.   

Read some of the case studies from members of some of the non-profit organisations that participated on the Distell Non-Profit Sustainability Programme.

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The days are over when CSI departments can throw money into a black hole to tick a box. If we can help NPOs to be more sustainable they will have more impact Nicole Solomons, Sustainable Socio-Economic Development at Distell

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