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These programmes and modules are the baseline for the majority of our programmes

Developed and delivered by social entrepreneurs and specialists, they combine work-based practice with accredited qualifications.

They are fully adaptable to different levels of experience and growth so content can be tailored to suit any group.

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A general introduction to the concept of leadership and an opportunity for you to start thinking about its relevance to your work and life.

Introducing Leadership

  • The difference between leadership and management
  • Leadership styles and roles
  • Leading yourself
  • Motivating others

For people who currently have, or are soon to move into leadership roles with line-management responsibilities. 

Benefits newer or aspiring managers who would like to increase their confidence to step up as a leader in their organisation.

Leading & Understanding Myself

Leading & Understanding Others

Leading in Your Organisation

  • Explore what sort of leader you need to be
  • Identify your personal preferences and strengths
  • Raise self-awareness through listening and emotional intelligence
  • Set personal leadership goals
  • Explore different leadership styles and approaches
  • Motivating and empowering others
  • Delegation and feedback
  • Adopting a coaching approach and developing questioning skills
  • Team dynamics and diversity
  • Communication skills and courageous conversations
  • Managing change and transitions
  • Reviewing your leadership journey and planning next steps

For people who have been in a leadership role for some time and have or are soon to move into a more senior role.

It specifically benefits managers who need to balance their day-to-day operational responsibilities with prioritising their strategic and external role as a leader.

Leading & Understanding Myself

Leading & Understanding Others 

Leading in Your Organisation

  • Explore the leader you need to be to meet your challenges & opportunities
  • What an effective leader looks like - assumptions and mindsets
  • Transitioning through leadership
  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • The power of questions and communication
  • Action Learning Sets
  • Personal strengths, and learning and personality preferences
  • Personal leadership goals
  • Creating healthy and engaging work places
  • Different leadership styles and approaches
  • Motivating and empowering others
  • Peer support through Action Learning
  • Non-directive approaches and coaching cultures
  • Delegation skills
  • Team dynamics and building teams
  • Creating a culture of feedback
  • Exploring courageous conversations
  • Being strategic and outward facing
  • Stakeholder mapping and collaboration
  • Collaboration and Partnership working
  • Influencing skills
  • Ethical decision making
  • Managing transition and change
  • Shouting about your social impact
  • Future proofing your organisation
  • Reviewing your leadership journey and what next for your learning

This programme is ideal for people that have completed the Leadership Certificate and want to deepen their practice in strategic thinking and leadership. 

It draws on the group experience to explore more complex situations and organisational issues.

Strategic Leadership

Operational Leadership

  • Leadership and strategy
  • Systems thinking and implications for leadership
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Explore different leadership styles and approaches
  • Solution-focused approaches
  • Communication and influencing
  • Effecting change and navigating transitions

This introductory programme aims to support leaders to become more deliberately enterprising to enable organisations to become more self-sustaining and self-reliant.

It helps to develop growth mindsets and draws on entrepreneurial theory and approaches to start participants thinking about what it means to be enterprising.

Exploring Mindsets

Exploring Ideas

  • What do we mean by becoming more enterprising
  • The context and reasons why an enterprising mindset is beneficial
  • Challenges and opportunities of building an enterprising culture
  • Assumptions and mindsets of an enterprising leader
  • Identify personal leadership goals
  • An enterprising model for value based organisations
  • Balancing income generation and social impact
  • Exploring growth tools
    Enterprising organisational cultures
  • Co-coaching and action planning

A high-level introduction to the ideas and concepts of social enterprise and their potential use. Ideal for people that are new to the model.

Introduction to Social Enterprise

  • Values and purpose
  • Definitions and context
  • Revenue models
  • Legal structures
  • Balancing social and economic mission

An exploration of the different types of social enterprises, as well as a practical look at how a more enterprising approach could benefit individuals, organisations and their communities. 

Introduction & Overview

Social Enterprise in Practice

  • Triple bottom line
  • Legal structures
  • Organisational structure
  • Financing a social enterprise
  • Social enterprise case study exploration
  • Sources of support
  • Planning for development
  • ILM assessment guidance

A highly practical, immersive programme that provides all the essentials for individuals and organisations starting a new enterprise or growing an established organisation.

It is highly adaptable and responsive to the growth stage and experience of participants and their organisations.

Understanding & Planning

Marketing & ResearchFinance and Income
  • Concepts and characteristics
  • Legal and organisational structures
  • Goals and objectives
  • Customers and research
  • Marketing and promotion
  • USPs
  • Business planning
  • Cash flow and accounts
  • Strategy and risk
  • Costing and pricing

Explore all the factors that will enable your organisation to move from donor dependency to financial sustainability and independence. 

Choose from eight modules in any combination to create your own journey to social enterprise.

Understanding Social EnterpriseDefining Your Market & Product or ServiceMarketing Your Social Enterprise
  • Values and purpose
  • Balancing social and economic mission
  • Legal and organisational structures
  • Revenue models
  • Building on assets and strengths
  • Idea generation for sustainable revenue streams
  • Market analysis
  • Customers and research
  • Marketing and promotion
  • USPs
Developing Your Business PlanManaging FinanceGenerating Income 
  • Lean start-up principles
  • Business planning
  • Strategy and risk
  • Pitching
  • Cash flows and accounts
  • Budgeting
  • Financial strategy and planning
  • Tendering and contracts
  • Sales and business development
  • Income strategy
  • Costing and pricing
Change ManagementMeasuring Social Impact   
  • Leadership through change
  • Communication and motivation
  • Ensuring stakeholder buy-in
  • Purpose and benefits
  • Understanding your theory of change
  • Data collection methods

Action Learning is a process to help individuals or groups explore an important, sometimes difficult, issue and view it from different perspectives and thinking in order to progress it. 

This programme equips learners with understanding and experience of Action Learning and ideas for using and embedding it in an organisation or meetings.

Introducing Action Learning

Practicing Action Learning

  • Principles
  • Experiential learning
  • Action learning sets
  • Active listening
  • Reflective practice
  • Effective questioning
  • Action learning set facilitation

Develop an understanding of the application of different coaching models.

A highly interactive and participative programme with the opportunity to practice the coaching approach.

Introduction & Overview

Coaching in Practice

Workshops: Using Coaching

  • About coaching
  • Coaching mindset
  • Listening and questioning
  • GROW model
  • Coaching practice
  • Coaching and leadership
  • Using GROW and other coaching models
  • In difficult conversations
  • In team meetings and team development
  • In support and supervision
  • For problem solving and creative thinking
  • In appraisals

A practical experience and insight into the theory, tools and techniques of facilitating learning between peers.

It builds on previous experience and encourages ongoing reflective practice to continue personal development.

Introducing Facilitation

Practicing Facilitation

  • Principles and values
  • Learning styles
  • Effective group learning
  • Active listening
  • Reflective practice
  • Effective questioning
  • Facilitation practice

Gain confidence in stepping up to the leadership challenge of managing successful courageous conversations. 

Develop techniques to deal with differences of opinion or conflict, and engage effectively in dialogue with others.

Our Role in Courageous Conversations

Preparing for the Courageous Conversation

  • The challenges
  • Our responses
  • When to have a Courageous Conversation
  • Other approaches
  • Mindsets for Courageous Conversations
  • Setting up the right environment
  • Observations and reflections

At a time of decreased funding and resources, it is vital that organisations can demonstrate the social value they provide to communities. 

This programme provides an overview of the concepts and importance of social impact.

Introduction to Measuring Social Impact

  • The purpose of measuring social impact
  • Identify what you want to measure
  • Explore the logic model
  • Develop an action plan that will help you to start implementing your approach

This programme provides an overview of the concepts and importance of social impact and the different approaches that can be implemented in organisations.

Exploring MSIMSI in my Organisation 
  • The purpose of MSI
  • Identify what you want to measure
  • Implementing the Logic Model
  • Involving stakeholders
  • What am I measuring already?
  • Reporting and presenting our findings
  • Challenges and opportunities for my organisation
  • Identifying the next step for MSI in my organisation

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