Enterprising Leadership

This programme has been designed for leaders and decision-makers of Non-Governmental Organisations exploring the feasibility of enterprise models to enable a transition towards greater sustainability and impact.




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9am - 4pm


2 Days

Making the change to sustainability requires a mindset shift within organisations so that they can successfully adopt for-profit models that keep income and impact central to the mission – it’s an approach that requires bold and brave leadership.

During this programme you will explore what it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset in your organisation. The focus will be on the ‘WHY’ of your organisations and the balance/tension between profitability/sustainability and social impact/mission.

You will explore the leadership skills needed to empower others to be entrepreneurial and start planning for how you want to ‘show up as entrepreneurial leaders’ back in your organisation.


On this programme you will explore:

  • Explore the benefits and challenges of an enterprising culture, and the mind set and qualities needed to become more enterprising

  • Increase your understanding of leadership and how it supports an enterprising approach

  • Explore strategies to move towards an enterprising culture


Programme Venue

The Zambia Governance Foundation, 9 Mansansa Close, off Bwinjinfumu Road, Rhodespark, Lusaka


Learning facilitators

Nelly Nyirenda has over ten years’ experience working in the field of enterprise development. She has supported entrepreneurs at different stages of their development process by creating curriculums and facilitating programmes for ILO, the Graca Machel Trust and EMPRETEC, an UNCTAD entrepreneurship training programme. She has a Masters’ in Business Administration specializing in Entrepreneurship.