Introduction to Leadership

Who do you think is an example of a ‘good leader’?​

Take a day to develop your understanding of what leadership is and explore the kind of leader you want to become. 




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10am - 4pm


1 day

You’ll connect with others working for social change and share valuable experiences as you start your leadership journey.​

This is a great introduction to Academy learning and leads in to our 6-day and 12-day Leadership programmes to further your development.​

Who is it for?​

This programme has been designed for people at any stage of their professional development looking for an introduction to leadership theory and how they can apply it to real life.

Programme Details 

  • Understand your learning style, strengths, and how you impact the system around you 
  • Decide what you would like to stand for and contribute as a leader
  • Connect with others in your area
  • Identify what it means to be a good leader