Social Enterprise Schools

We believe in the power of social entrepreneurship to help young people in Australia reach their full potential.  

Supported by the Academy team, Social Enterprise Schools is a young person-led, hands-on learning experience.

Through the process of setting up their own social enterprise, students develop the skills, mindsets and behaviours they will need for success as they move beyond the school gates. For more information on the details of the programme, download our flyer.

What are Social Enterprise Schools?

Led by young people
School social enterprises are driven and run by students with support from teachers and parents.
Students should spread the awareness of their social enterprise across their school and

Connected to communities
School-based social enterprises have explicit social and/or environmental outcomes and their
profits are used to help achieve these. These can either be local issues or issues linked to a
community in another country.

Developing entrepreneurial skills
Students’ social enterprises have a clear trading activity and are directly involved in producing
goods or providing services to a market identified by the students.

School-based social enterprises aspire to make a positive and responsive change to peoples’ lives.

Mapped to the curriculum
Social Enterprise Schools is mapped to the Victorian Curriculum F – 10 making it easy for teachers
to navigate delivery and assessment of student achievements against core capabilities.

What we provide:

All Social Enterprise Schools Receive: 

  • Access to Online Teacher Toolkit and Resources
  • Learning outcomes that are mapped to curriculum
  • Teacher PD Video
  • Ongoing SES Teacher Community of practice
  • Invites to SES Community (Comms, Awards, Events

Everything you need to deliver Social Enterprise Schools at your school including 10 stage student learning journey with activities and Teacher PD’

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Co-Facilitated Model  

Each year we receive funding to provide extra support to assist teachers in implementing the Social Enterprise School program, we do this through a Co-Facilitated Model. This includes:

  • Everything included in SES Schools above +
  • Teacher Onboarding Session (1 on 1, online)
  • Engagement and pitch workshops facilitated by ACRE (Face to Face or online as negotiated)
  • Facilitator support/ coaching

* We do not currently have any spots available, but please let us know if you are interested in knowing more about the current funding provided.

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