Incredible people like you are stepping up across South Africa to make a difference in their organisations, communities, and schools. We are here to help you thrive, be your best self and achieve greater impact. Through learning with and from others, you can develop the skills, behaviours and mindsets to help build a better South Africa. 

Impact of Learning

The impact of learning is at the centre of everything we do.

Here's how our learners felt in our 2018 international independent impact review

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91 %
would recommend our programmes to a friend
94 %
of learners re-frame their perspectives and how they think about things
learners across the world since 2004
94 %
felt they had enhanced their performance

Programmes to Explore


Achieve more and bring out the best in others by building on your leadership strengths.

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Gain a broad overview of social enterprise or immerse yourself in intensive business planning.

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Grow your ability to support and develop others through coaching, facilitation and action learning.

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Social Impact

Prove and improve what you do by using tried and tested approaches to measuring social impact.

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