Older past programmes

Programmes delivered in the past by Social Enterprise Academy South Africa.

Street Football World | Journey to Social Enterprise


In November 2017, the Social Enterprise Academy facilitated the Journey to Social Enterprise programme in Johannesburg in partnership with Street Football World.

As part of the Fifa: Football for Hope Adidas Exchange Programme, this 3-day capacity-building programme brought together learners from across Africa, who represent NGOs using football as a tool for development in their communities.

Having been introduced to the social enterprise model in 2016, learners had the chance to come together with peers from similar organisations and share the opportunities and challenges that come with transitioning from a traditional NGO model to a social enterprise.

Read more about the programme in Street Football World’s Football4Good magazine (February 2018).

Programme Impact

“The programme has helped me as an individual, to learn how to convince the management on how to start a social enterprise, as I feel that is what my organisation needs.”

“I am looking forward to presenting my knowledge to my organisation on how we can be more self-sustainable rather than being donor dependent.

“It will greatly shift the way we operate, from the traditional NPO-model to a social enterprise model, it will help us attain some financial autonomy and also help us generate income, expand our reach and more beneficiaries.”

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Remgro: Strengthen our Society (SOS) | Journey to Social Enterprise Programme


Strengthen our Society (SOS) is part of Remgro’s Corporate Social Investment portfolio. It supports a number of NPOs to enhance their structural capacity and realise their full potential.

Journey to Social Enterprise was commisioned to enable NPOs to move beyond traditional funding and strengthen their future viability through alternative revenue streams.

Remgro are keen to see the selected SOS organisations “reach the next level”. By increasing income and financial sustainability, the aim is to enable NPOs to achieve higher levels of social impact.

The Programme

The 6-day programme was divided into 3 modules and also included mentoring and business support services from a range of partners:

 1. Understanding Social Enterprise  2. Marketing Your Social Enterprise  3. Business Planning
  • Social enterprise concepts
  • Legal and organisational structures
  • Balancing social and economic missions
  • Revenue models and income generation
  • Visit a social enterprise
  • Defining your customers
  • Market research
  • Defining your Unique Selling Point
  • Understanding and creating customer value
  • Promotional strategies and creating a marketing plan
  • Understanding your external context
  • Creating social value
  • Developing a business plan
  • Stakeholder analysis and engagement
  • Pitching your business plan