Here are some of the recent learning programmes we've delivered in South Africa

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Impact Makers and Creators: Accelerating Social Entrepreneurs

Cape Town and Johannesburg

Impact Makers and Creators is an ambitious programme that will work with 120 ideation-and-growth-stage social and creative entrepreneurs in Cape Town and Johannesburg. This programme supports them to build their social and creative businesses, make their impact sustainable and reach wider communities and beneficiaries through their work.

Supported by: British Council

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Income Generation for Non-Profit Organisations


This 7-day programme will support your non-profit to develop income streams in order to become financially sustainable and create long-term social impact.

Supported by: OSISA

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Journey to Social Enterprise

Cape Town

This programme has been designed for leaders of Non-Profit Organisations who are at the stage of exploring the feasibility of income-generation ideas in order to enable them to transition towards social enterprise.

Supported by: Strengthen Our Society