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We are specialists in leadership development for social change. People leading social change must work to triple bottom-line objectives: environmental, social, and cultural.  

Organisational learning programmes are based on the values of the partner organisation. These usually form cross-cutting themes through the programme or suite of programmes we might design for the team or community. We start out by seeking clarity on the starting point of learners, the learning journey they will experience, and the goals they will achieve, and then identify the endpoint of this learning episode. 


Our approach

Our approach is always to prioritise the needs of the learner; their experience and learning environment is of primary importance. This might mean facilitating in their own communities, in a residential setting, at times of day or week that is amenable for them or even in their own language. We do everything we can to optimise the learning experience. 

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Our objective is always to maximise the impact of the learning, so we are open to working in different ways. There are two principal approaches to delivery:  

We design, you deliver:

We can design a programme and develop facilitation skills in your own team such that they can deliver the programme themselves. 

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