Funder offers

People leading social change need investment, but they also sometimes need support in ensuring they can make the best of that investment for maximum impact.

The Academy’s ‘funder plus’ offer can be before, during or after a period of funding. We support leaders to develop new ways of thinking – growth mindsets, enterprising mindsets and global mindsets. 

Funding alone does not create social change; people create social change. Business plans in themselves do not ensure a successful social enterprise; leaders and leadership determine outcomes. We develop the skills to maximise the impact of your investment. Our peer learning approach ensure fundees develop social capital as well as an awareness that the problem they are trying to address can be solved. 

Types of funding partnerships 

Explore our programme prospectus for more details on all of the below.

Leadership Development

Chief executives coming together to create a community of practice around leadership for social change. An accredited leadership programme bespoked for senior leaders.  

Development Planning

Ideation, design thinking, visioning, and social business model canvas. This closes with a pitching event at which funders are invited to invest in ideas developed. 

Skills Development

Team members can be brought together to address identified skills deficits. The focus is on personal engagement – courageous conversations, coaching approaches, active listening and open questioning – to develop skills in leading self, leading others and leading within the organisation. 

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