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We believe in the power of social entrepreneurship to help young people reach their full potential.  

In 2007, we launched Social Enterprise Schools in Scotland, and since then we have worked with 55,000 young people in 7 countries across the world. Rooted in a pupil-led approach and guided by experienced social entrepreneurs, this programme empowers young people to step up, run their own social enterprises and become the change they want to see in the world. 

The Big Issue

For the past 3 years, we have collaborated with The Big Issue Magazine on a Social Enterprise Schools takeover edition. This feature celebrates the impact of the social enterprises set up by young changemakers participating in the programme from across the globe and reaches readers across the UK!
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International Dragons' Den Event

This inspiring event brings schools from across the globe who are participating in the Social Enterprise Schools programme. It is a unique opportunity for young people to connect with their peers internationally and share their experiences. Find out more in the showcase below:

Latest Social Enterprise Schools stories:

Latest impact story

What do teachers think? Hear from teachers in Scotland on the positive impact the programme has had on young people in their classes.

Latest news

Unveiling Brilliance: Highlights from the Australia Social Enterprise Schools Awards 2023.

Social Enterprise Schools: empowering young people globally.

This is a world-class example of an effective awareness-raising and capacity-building initiative. Social Enterprise Academy is preparing the next generation of social enterprise leaders, supporters, volunteers and customers. SEWF and the social enterprise movement is highly appreciative of your innovation and endeavour.

Gerry Higgins, Co-Founder & Managing Director of the Social Enterprise World Forum 

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