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Since 2004, the Social Enterprise Academy has been providing learning and development opportunities for people and organisations enabling social change in Scotland and more recently the rest of the UK as well. 

We believe that social entrepreneurs play an essential role in changing the world. In our programmes, we strive to transform how you perceive yourself as a leader as well as the world around you as a catalyst for real positive change.  



Support we offer


Our facilitator-led learning and development programmes offer a dynamic space for you to connect with other changemakers across the UK and develop the skills needed to step up and effect social change.


Every learning programme we deliver is bespoke to the needs of the learners. Their starting point is our starting point.

Young people

We support young people both in and outside of education across the UK in helping them to step up and tackle the social issues they care about.

Our programmes

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Social Enterprise Schools

Innovated in partnership with The Scottish Government in 2008, Social Enterprise Schools enables every young person to step up, realise their potential, and create the change they want to see in the world. Since then, we have engaged with 1000+ schools and 50,000 young people in Scotland. In 2017, The Scottish Government laid out an exciting ten year strategy for SEA with the goal for social enterprise to be in every Scottish school.
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